Purposeful living, to me, means having the ambition to experience the world and the beautiful people that we come into contact with, being conscientious about the food and movement that nourish our bodies, and committing ourselves to the mission God created us for.

Travel, Health, and Devotion have become my three main elements in which I choose to enrich my life. Of course, each of those entail a myriad of subsections, chapters, extensions, categories, etc. But by balancing my life around these three aspects, I have found purposeful living to be simpler and more meaningful.

My United States of Being stems from traveling around the U.S. with my hubby. My geographical location may change, but my state of being remains firm through purposeful living.

So come along for the ride! You will be sure to see posts about food, exercise, and my travels, but I also enjoy books (lots and lots of books), movies, fitness, and my beautiful furbaby.

These all come together to create My United States of Being.

  • I am a blessed wife, and furmom to my puppy Penni. She is a beautiful yorkipoo and the love of my life! My husband is pretty cool too.
  • We have been married for just over 3 years and have lived in Kansas City, Nashville, and Wichita since then. He is a Physical Therapist and our true love is travel.
  • Traveling is my absolute favorite thing to do, and I am always looking for my next destination.
  • I also really enjoy reading, watching movies and, of course, exercising!
  • My goal in life is purposeful living, while not taking things too seriously.
  • Jesus is the Savior of my life! I am always striving to grow my relationship with Him, as well as keep His Word as the blueprint of my life.
  • I strongly believe in the importance of sustainable living and helping others understand how we can take care of the Earth that God blessed us with.
  • I am also a coffee addict.