You might have seen a new movement for setting resolutions in recent years. Girl bosses such as Gretchen Rubin, Suzanne Hall, and others have chosen to leave behind the exhaustive and frankly low-results habit of New Year’s resolutions and opt for a simpler but more meaningful way to strive for self-betterment in the new year.

Choose one word for the year.

That’s it! Choose one word that means something to you and encompasses how you want your life to grow and nourish in the coming year.

My word for 2016 is aware.


Awareness lends itself to every aspect of my life.

  • I never stopped body-shaming myself (and others) until I was aware of how this self-hating habit hurt my chances for true health.
  • I never put any emphasis on travel until I became aware of how much it enriched my life.
  • I never knew how much simpler and more meaningful my life could be until I started implementing minimalism and spending my money on experiences, rather than material possessions.
  • I never understood why I always felt rather useless until I was aware of my lack of meaningful, strong relationships.

With awareness comes knowledge and strength and kindness and understanding. Rather than going through the motions of life, I want to be constantly aware of my own feelings and the feelings of those around me. Becoming more aware will lend itself to my mission of purposeful living.

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.

You really can’t argue with Aristotle.

I love this new practice of choosing one word for the year. I recently attended a “social” for Real Life Book Club and one of the exercises we participated in was to choose a feeling that encompasses your passions and goals. I chose aware, so it seems fitting that my 2016 word is aware as well!

Are you practicing awareness? What word have you picked for the new year? Leave a comment below and let me know!


I am purposefully living, while not taking things too seriously. I am a blessed wife and a furmom to my precious pup, Penelope. I love Jesus and Jesus loves me. Travel, Health, and Devotion are my tools for purposeful living. I enjoy a good book, a great beer, and hot yoga.


  1. Love this! Ohhhh I’m excited to see the possibilities and where this takes you in our Desire Map session! 😀

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