Towns and Tunes

On the road again…

It’s time for #Vacay2015! There have been a few other trips this year, but this is the big one. The hubs and I left Wichita, KS early this morning and are on the road to Nashville, TN. We will have our first Airbnb experience tonight and tomorrow! Click the link to find out more and to save $25 on your first stay (and I get a $25 credit too!)

Since the hubs and I lived in Nashville last summer, we know a lot of the cool, local spots to hit. But I’m sure we will find something we’ve never tried, thanks to our hosts! We will then head down to Orlando, see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Kennedy Space Center, and beaches! Finally, we will make our trip back up to Kansas through New Orleans, LA, where will stay in another Airbnb house!

Road trips are the best time to see the country (because where else are you going to look?) and hear some great music. We got a rental car for the trip and it comes with free Sirius XM radio! YAAAS. There is a specific road trip station on Sirius, called Road Trip XM. Appropriate. So I will have a series going the for the next couple weeks called Towns and Tunes. Check back for great music, different parts of the country, and pics/videos of my super hot husband.



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